Human trafficking: A Danish issue

The structure of the danish action against human trafficking aligns with a number of international conventions that Denmark has endorsed. The international conventions involve a commitment to criminalize human trafficking and to provide aid and support for the victims of such.

Human trafficking is an issue with significant problem areas:

  • Human rights and human value
  • Equality
  • Health
  • Illegal migration
  • Underground economy
  • Violence and crime

The life as a victim of human trafficking is degrading, inhuman and hopeless. Human trafficking is a sign of an inhumane and subversive system, where vulnerable people are violated and exploited or being forced to exploit others.

Human trafficking is a growing international system of illegal migration with a sort of self proclaimed administration of justice that crosses national borders and disregards democratic institutions. Trafficking of people takes place in secret but is nonetheless an exponentially growing phenomenon - even in welfare societies like Denmark. 

This calls for intensified action now.