It is estimated that 3,8 million adults are victims of forced sexual exploitation and 1 million children are victims of commercial sexual exploitation on a world scale. The majorities are women and girls.

Nigeria is still a place for transit and a destination of human trafficking. The latest global slavery index, Nigeria ranks 32 out of 167 countries with the highest number of victims of human trafficking - 1.386.000. The total number of victims outside of Nigeria is unknown. However, Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest number of victims in foreign countries. With the exception of internal trafficking within the EU, Nigerian citizens are the most common victims of human trafficking. An international organization estimates that 80 percent of all Nigerian female migrants in Italy either are or will become victims of sex trafficking

Human trafficking takes place in Denmark as well. However, it is a criminal act that happens in secret. From 2007 to 2008 a total of 827 people has been deemed victims of human trafficking in Denmark. Most of them comes from Nigeria and are being exploited for prostitution. Many victims of human trafficking are reluctant to seek help and support because they are afraid of their traffickers. This contributes to the field being characterized by underreported figures. The Center against Human Trafficking estimates that the actual extent of human trafficking goes beyond the number of people that are officially deemed victims of trafficking.

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Human trafficking is a violation of human rights and every person's right to autonomy over their own body and their own life.

About 25 million people are being trafficked around the world. Around 4,8 million of which is forced into prostitution.

In the past couple of years the common denominator for the victims is that they are over 18 years of age, comes from Nigeria and are being exploited for prostitution. This is why the EXIST focuses on nigerian women.

The traffickers persuades the women with promises of good jobs, education and the opportunity of a better life in another country.

The nigerian women takes out a loan of around 400.000 danish kr. in order to get to Denmark.

The traffickers takes advantage of the victims of human trafficking in order to make money on the services that the victims provides through prostitution.

A trafficker can be punished.