Human trafficking - a global issue

In 1792 the transatlantic slave trade was prohibited. Before the slave ships had been transporting Africans from the west coast of Africa to America.

Today, more than 200 years later, the human trafficking is still a global issue. It is estimated that the smuggling of people is one of the largest sources of income within organized crime.

In 2010 the United Nations’ general assembly agreed on a global agenda for action against human trafficking and encouraged governments all over the world to make coordinated and long-lasting efforts to solve the problem.

Human trafficking is in contravention of basic human rights and a gross violation of the individual's right to autonomy over their own body and their own life. This is a global problem and a profitable business for cynical culprits.

Both men, women and children can become a victim to human trafficking. There can be different purposes to the exploitation of people. Common to the different forms of exploitation is typically that the culprits are using the victims for the purpose of financial profit.