EXIST will prevent human trafficking, help Nigerian women in prostitution back to life and develop competences in cooperation with a variety of agents in Denmark and Nigeria.


EXIST will stop human trafficking

The work of EXIST is build upon the Christian outlook on people and life in general. We think that every single person is unique and irreplaceable and that every person is an infinite value itself.


EXIST works in Denmark and Nigeria to provide a holistic effort to minimise human trafficking in the world.

EXIST’s three areas of work are:

  • Information and prevention
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Building capacities and skill developing

We have focused our efforts towards a primary and secondary target group in order to better understand the groups and to specify our initiatives.

The primary target group is Nigerian women in Denmark, who are victims of human trafficking. The secondary target group is politicians and government officials, NGO- and church leaders, businessmen and company executives, societal agents, contractors, leaders of schools and institutions, people in the media business and artists - to put it shortly: everyone who would like to engage in the effort against human trafficking in Nigeria and Denmark.

In Denmark we facilitate debates and hold lectures in order to inform Danes on human trafficking globally, in Nigeria and in Denmark whilst the Danes gets the opportunity to volunteer with the resources and skills, they can provide.