the managing team

The primary task of the managing team in the night café is to make sure that the volunteers and the Nigerian women are thriving in the café. The managing team consists of five volunteers in collaboration with a project manager. The team helps develop the set of values that constitutes the structure of the voluntary work, as well as evaluate the existing initiatives. Moreover, the managing team supports each other in sharing of information and conversation in order to strengthen the relational work with the Nigerian women.

A member of the managing team maintains their position as volunteer and works shifts in the night café every third week on the same terms as the remaining volunteers. The managing team gathers on average every other month and arranges 4-5 yearly meetings and social events for the volunteers. The meetings aim to strengthen the social cohesion in the group of volunteers and it equips the individual volunteer with knowledge, they can apply in their work in the night café.

Agnes Bøjrup Jeppesen

Studies social science and psychology at University of Copenhagen.

“I am a volunteer because i meet women in the streetscape that are constantly fighting for the same privileges I consider a given for myself. That is something I can’t passively accept. These women are victims of a massive global injustice and they deserve to be met with solidarity, dignity and warmth”.

Emilie Guldborg Andersen

Sociology student at Copenhagen University.

“I want to contribute to creating a world where we take care of each other - both in the bigger and smaller scale. That is why I work at Night Light Café in order to create a safe space for street based sexual workers, wo want to relax with a nice cup of tea”.

Karin Kjærgaard

Daily manager of EXIST.

“Seven years ago I helped open Night Light Café. I was involved in projects in Nigeria helping Nigerian women in prostitution back to life. The work in the night café and in Nigeria constitutes a holistic action - this is what motivates me”.

Mayada Magdi Mohamadani

Studies anthropology at University of Copenhagen.

“I chose to become a volunteer at Night Light Café because it enables me to meet the Nigerian women at eye level and give them a break from everyday life. At the same time I contribute to the fight against human trafficking by offering the women a new start at life”.

Nadia Dahlgren

Studies social science and the encounters of culture and language at Roskilde University.

“I find it important to create a safe space for the women that finds themselves in a particular vulnerable position. In the café people interact across different parameters and this creates a certain dynamic where i feel that i make a practical difference to the women that needs care and attention”.

Tanja Hoffmann Holm

Sociology student at Copenhagen University.

“I'm a volunteer in Night Light café because I want to give the exposed sex workers as good experiences as possible. By a greeting in the streets or by a talk in the café there is a recognition of their existing as humans, and that is not something that is given in their position, rather the reverse”.