New interns

EXIST have acquired 6 new interns in the fight against human trafficking. They will help raise awareness of the issue and our organization by, among other things, starting a campaign in the streets between 15-17 pm, starting today and every weekday the following weeks. Follow our progress on Instagram and through our newsletter..

Read more down below about who they are and why they have chosen to help our cause.


“The reason I am volunteering at EXIST is that it is a great way to make a difference, both locally but also in our international community. For me, it is important that these women feel seen and heard as well as met with love and equality. In this way, I hope I can make a big difference for them.”


“I chose to volunteer at EXIST because it is a cause that does not get a lot of attention, and it is therefore a great way to make a difference. The fact that you can help others by meeting them at eye level gives a clear feeling that you are helping these people towards a better life. ”


“My name is Mathias Bølstad, and I am 26 years old. I study Emergency and Risk Management at Copenhagen University College and am currently an intern at EXIST - an NGO which focuses on Nigerian women who have been exposed to human trafficking. They are a group of vulnerable people in Denmark that few people know about, and I think that is a big problem. In my time as an intern at EXIST, I want to take the issue up for debate and make the dilemma less taboo. Moreover, I want to give the victims of human trafficking a helping hand in the Night Light Café. ”


“As a volunteer at EXIST, you help to make a difference for people who are in a difficult situation. The women we meet in our work live a hard life in a world where they must constantly be on guard. At EXIST, the women have the opportunity to have a free space, a sanctuary so to speak where they can feel safe and have a little break. The hope is to help these women to be able one day to live a different life.”


“My name is Lasse. I have applied for an internship at EXIST, as I have aspirations to work with humanitarian work within the NGO world, and see EXIST as an ideal opportunity to acquire experience and competencies within cross-cultural humanitarian work. The organization is working for a noble cause, with a clear mission to improve the living conditions of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, which is the primary reason I am here today. Furthermore, the fight against human trafficking is a fight that receives little exposure in the media, as well as the complexity of the matter, which makes it challenging and requires a lot of the players on the field. So here at EXIST, there is an opportunity to be part of a strong community, trying to fight for human rights.“


“My name is Sandra. I am 23 years old and from Roskilde. EXIST provides the opportunity to be part of a strong community where there is room for diversity - and to unfold your creative sides. As a part of EXIST you can help others out of prostitution and give them a better life. Therefore, you as a volunteer are an important piece in the puzzle, as you become an advocate for a topic that is often forgotten in the public debate.”