Skills development of 30 employees at 10 safehouses

The project will secure a sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of 250 Nigerian women by building and developing skills among 30 employees on 10 safehouses. This happens through 5 seminars of 5 days during 2019-2021.

The purpose is to ensure that the employees at the 10 safehouses (3 from each safehouse) will be able to provide support for the rehabilitation of the women, that they can mobilize self-support and that are able to advocate in front of relevant decision makers in order to prevent future human trafficking. A central element for the strategy of the project is to uncover and develop the skills that the women already possess through, for instance, education, establishing self-employed business or creation of jobs in order for them to be able to be self-sufficient in the long term.

The criteria for the success of the project are:

  1. 250 Nigerian women from 10 safehouses have gone through rehabilitation and are able to manage a job and being self-sufficient. Over 100 of these women are in the process of being trained to become “ambassadors” in the action against human trafficking.
  2. 30 employees in the 10 safehouses performs holistic management rehabilitation of the 250 Nigerian women.

The instructors are primarily Nigerians with experience and education within their field of teaching. This encourages openness, willingness to learn, confidence and involvement among the women. The lessons are interactive and every safehouse formulates their own goals, articulates their own issues and specifies within which fields they need special guidance. The method of instruction results in ownership, involvement and social relations among the participants. The courses are being held at a community house in Abuja. In between the courses there are an ongoing dialogue with the 30 employees in order to support them in the implementation of the specific topic of the lesson.

The project relies on the following three values:

    1. We aim towards quality and efficiency. We make use of the available resources and use them in the best way possible.
    2. We prioritize responsibility, integrity and transparency in our involvement and we believe that this will promote an atmosphere of reliability, growth and continuous progress.
    3. “I am because WE are”. We value the principle of Ubuntu because it promotes unity, collaboration, reciprocity and solidarity in shared progress. We believe that only together we can reach our goal to make a concrete difference in everyday life and, over time, an effort against human trafficking.