The SAFEHOUSE-share project

The purpose of the SAFEHOUSE-share project is to support Nigerian women returning back to life with identity, dignity, job and self-support

This is how it started:

“I met Joy. She is a 25-year-old Nigerian woman and a victim of human trafficking. She works as a prostitute all days, mostly at night. It is a lonely and stigmatized occupation, which she hides from her family - and that is a troublesome life to carry. I cannot stop thinking: What life does she have? What future? And what kind of worth has she given herself? I think she has dreams and hopes in life like me, but what opportunities does she have to pursue them?” Karin Kjærgaard, EXIST.

Joy should have a future!

We have resources that allows us to give her the push that is needed. I hope that as a shared effort we will be able to offer women like Joy communities where talent, potential and dreams can be created. Enabling us to contribute to raising the “ambassadors” of tomorrow in the action against human trafficking. Independent women who can inspire and take care of others.

By buying a SAFEHOUSE-share you become investor in the action against human trafficking and supporting safehouses *) by helping women out of prostitution to a life with identity, dignity, job and independence.

*) A safehouse is a safe space for women that have chosen to put a life in prostitution behind them.

Specifically, you support these three areas:
  • 37 women get rehabilitated
  • 9 employees continual upskilling
  • 3 safehouses gets renovated
The names of the three safehouses are:
  • Daughters of Abraham, Abuja
  • Greater Love Lighthouse, Abuja.
  • Galilee Foundation, Ibadan.