I Wish I Knew – ny forebyggende film.

I Wish I Knew is the story of four survivors of human trafficking who share their tragic stories in what could seem the dimming light of a sunset. The sun rises again, and the light of hope leads them to freedom and the birth of new dreams. This documentary drama paints a gory picture of human trafficking, exposes the tricks of traffickers, and showcases ways to curb the egregious crime.

“I made this film because I believe the Survivors of human trafficking should be given the center stage to tell their own stories. My goal is to empower them to lead in the awareness creation and prevention of human trafficking through their lived experiences. Survivors’ voices should lead the way if we want to make a meaningful change in anti-trafficking campaigns”. Anne Abok, Director,and Script Writer.

The film is sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of Denmark in Nigeria.

Filmen vises i Cinemateket i København fredag 25. oktober 2024 kl. 13.00.

Anne Abok og medvirkende i filmen deltager i arrangementet.

I Wish I Knew Film Poster_ BW